What we do

An overview of what we have accomplished at IndigenousTech.ai

Financial Literacy

At IndigenousTech.ai we offer FREE FINANCIAL LITERACY COURSES online for Indigenous Communities across Canada. Two FREE online courses which focus on Credit and Business Fundamentals. These courses have been taken by hundreds of community members so far and counting. You can self-register and enroll in the courses. Recommended for anyone interested over 14 years of age.


Our healthcare initiatives aim to enhance healthcare access in Indigenous communities by integrating technology into daily workflow, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We aim to bridge care coordination gaps within the healthcare system while empowering local healthcare providers with increased autonomy. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering collaboration, we strive to revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve outcomes for Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Internships

“The STEM fields are what we need to start getting First Nations youth interested and involved in. Many future jobs will require knowledge in these areas. This program will provide that opportunity and hopefully spark their interest in a correlated career path.” 

      – Grand Chief Kahsennenhawe Sky-Deer


We are actively partnering with Indigenous communities across Canada to deploy AI Cybersecurity solutions with the goal of protecting community infrastructure and data.