An Intelligent Tele-Dermatology solution

Improving access to dermatological care in remote Indigenous communities

By the numbers

  • 5 Indigenous communities in British Columbia using this solution.
  • 14 nurses received training and implemented the solution to their daily workflow.
  • 164 patients were triaged and diagnosed with 30+ unique skin conditions.
  • 4 lives saved by the early detection of various types of carcinomas.

Hearing from our Patients

60 %
Never seen a Dermatologist
95 %
Had a positive experience
95 %
Were likely to recommend to Friends & Family

Our Solution

  • This technology helps diagnose skin conditions in remote areas where specialist care is not available.
  • It is used in hospitals and clinics for the investigation and monitoring of skin lesions to diagnose skin conditions through telemedicine applications.

Empowering Healthcare in Indigenous Communities

  1. Enhances specialty care access time for remote communities by efficient clinical workflow and accelerated referral system for remote dermatologists 
  2. Eliminates the need for travel to access dermatological care, which encouraged patients to seek medical attention more frequently
  3. Lowers the risk of misdiagnosis by non-specialists by providing them AI- leveraged tools which increases their autonomy.
  4. Works in low to no connectivity environments, providing care in the most remote parts of communities.

Current Initiatives and Future Strives

  • We have been selected as 1 of 5 Finalists in Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Health Challenge.
  • We are expanding to different provinces and communities in Canada.
  • We are adding more community health care workers to join our team.

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