Our Team

The Members of our Leadership Team at IndigenousTech.ai
Chief Clarence Louie

photo by: Grant Harder
Chief Clarence Louie



Murray Rowe Jr.



Nuzio Ruffolo

Chief Technology Officer


Rob Glover

Vice President


Brandon Guilmette

Director of Operations

Our Goal:
Empower Indigenous youth by providing skills and training in the technology fields which is the fastest growing industry in Canada.

Who we are:
IndigenousTech.ai is an Indigenous-controlled data and software development company that leverages relationships with industry leading technology suppliers and provides skills training for Indigenous women and youth to enable them to create their own sources of revenues in their community.

IndigenousTech.ai was incorporated in 2019 by Chief Clarence Louie, Chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band and Murray Rowe Jr., President and CEO of Forrest Green.

Chief Clarence Louie, chairman, provides strategic direction and Indigenous community liaison to support the development and implementation of technology solutions on reserve. Murray Rowe Jr. has over 25 years experience working on technology solutions to support Canadians, including healthcare, information technology and financial services ( credit data and authentication).

IndigenousTech.ai has relationships with over 60% of police agencies in Canada including First Nations police services from supporting them on different technology solutions and training.

Our champion communities